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    Hello traders from around the world! !!!

    Hello all! I am from Algerie and have traded for 3 years. I want very much to meet traders from around the world. I have already a lot of friends from Australia, South Africa, China and France. I hope here will find many new friends to trade with them together!

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    Hi laic! Welcome!
    Great to have a trader from Algeria! I know for several traders from this country and you are the next one I will be happy to have a friend from North Africa! I am still learning so could not say already a great trader but have improved a lot last few months after I joined the BinaryOptionsThatSuck. You will see how big is the effect on your trading from the communication and networking here

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    Hello laic!
    Welcome to BOTS! I wish you to have a great time here!

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    Hello and welcome. Pleasure to meet an experienced trader.
    How do u see ur 3 years in trading world. How about ur binary options trading experience? How about ur trading results?

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    Hello laic! Great to have you here with us. You will definitely meet traders from all over the globe on this forum and make friends too!

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    Thank you very much guys!

    For your question M.J - I am trading as my hobby for now, profitable from my second year and binaries I discover few months ago. I still don't trade them but plan to open an account in the next few weeks.

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    Good to see you here... A very warm welcome here... What have u traded for the 3 years ? Options or Forex & Commodities ??

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