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    Strategy I learned and I'm testing and sharing with thatsucks !!!

    Hi people

    I started to test a system that I've learned in another forum of binary options. I want to share with you so you can give me your opinion.

    It's based on M30 charts and it's simple as this

    If last candle is RED wait to active candle go down the lowest level of last candle ( body and wick ) and when it comes back and crosses the lowest part of candle body make a CALL.

    If last candle is GREEN wait to active candle go up the highest level of last candle ( body and wick ) and when it comes back and crosses the highest part of candle body make a PUT.

    The expiry times are 30minutes

    If the wick is too big don't wait for active candle reaches body but instead wait candle reaches the wick.

    It's too soon to give you the results because I started few time ago, but I can ensure that in my testing I get 5 ITM and 1 OTM

    Does anyone can help me test this system?

    Another thing very good for this system it's very easy to test it, just watch last candles of MT4

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    I'm keeping testing and I have to say that when European markets closed I had some bad trades ( still in profit ).

    I think I'll keep my trades in timeframe when EU and USA markets are open together

    What do u think?

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    Hi esiconsum,

    Your strategy is really simple, but sometimes the simple things work better than more complicated for sure! You could test this strategy on the metatrader history by going back on different instruments. What is the timeframe you use? This is the most important component, as the change in the timeframe changes the candles themselves. For 30 min expiration I guess you are using 5 min candles? It works sometimes if you use a time filter – in your case the most volatile part of the session – the US and EU active together, but you have to test it! Make more than 30 trades on the history charts to feel how the performance is. Less is not enough for statistical reliability.

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    Hi linda..Nice to read from you...

    I'm using 30m candles and an expiration period of 30 minutes ( it was described like this in original strategy post ) Do you think is wrong using that expiration???

    Thanks for any help u can give me

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    Hi esiconsum, I couldn't say is it wrong, we have to backtest this is the only way to prove is it working. It could be ok with 30m candles. This strategy is mostly countertrend so it relies on the fact that in most of the conditions the market is ranging and if it goes more in one direction it will turn back. That’s through for about 70% of time, but in 30% there appear trending conditions and the strategy will not work. So I propose you to test it in different conditions. Check a market with strong trend and test it, than without trends and test it again, than compare the results.

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    Hi, esiconsum! If you really want to have a backtest of your strategy you have to learn how to code it in MQL (metaquote language) and than run a back test on several years period. This will not be easy if you are not familiar with this programing language, but will save you a lot of time and a lot of money!


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    ...or u could forget all about this ...strategy (lol). Take my advice and save your time and money. It sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan G View Post
    ...or u could forget all about this ...strategy (lol). Take my advice and save your time and money. It sucks!
    It could sucks and probably you’ll know that better than us Bogdan, but the point here is that esiconsum wants to learn to test and to evaluate a strategy. To be sure if he suck or not, he have to code it and backtest it! If he don’t do that he will never be sure and this is true for each one strategy. You couldn’t evaluate it just by looking at it.

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