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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar

    CommuniTraders – When Smart and Beauty Come Together! New Commercial!! !!!

    10 days for the launch of Social Trading Platform!

    CommuniTraders – When Smart and Beauty Come Together! Paris Kay (as Bar Refaeli) and our Monkey (as the other guy) promote our new social binary options trading platform!

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    Master Member vinayakm's Avatar

    Cool! !!!

    This is a nice new commercial! I must post on some binary option sites and social media platforms to get more awareness. We've already got quite a bit though.

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    Veteran Member M.J's Avatar
    Great to hear that.

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    Veteran Member Ammeo's Avatar
    gr8 news...

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    Specialist Member marvel's Avatar
    Cool! What will be the CommuniTraders platform. Will it be a real trading platform? I was waiting so long for such kind of place where I will be able to share my trades and to see the other’s trades.

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    Active Member pipshunter's Avatar
    Great !!! I couldn’t wait for 10 days to see what it will be

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    Solid Member Peter Green's Avatar
    Great to see that Binary Options That Suck is developing new platform! I am sure that it will increase a lot the popularity of our community and will lead a lot of new traders here to join our Forum

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    Administrator Martin Kay's Avatar
    Hi All bots fans!!

    glad to see so many of you are waiting for our new binary options social trading platform.

    i really cant disclose any details regarding this development, so you'll just have to wait... sorrrry!!

    ps... the first version of the CommuniTraders won't be available for anyone, only our registred users. so for those of you who want to join the testing team and become the first traders to test bots platform, post here and we will let you know as soon as the platfrom is launched

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    Active Member rockettrader's Avatar
    I want to participate in the CommuniTraders platform tests!!!

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    So happy that you work on such a project! In binaries there is extremely small number of demo platforms and as far as I know not even one community trading platform as for example in forex there are dozens of this kind. I think if your launch is successful it will attract all the binary options traders around the world here and this will be great for everyone of us!

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