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    The Simple Blanced System - Adding Some Input !!!

    I added the MACD to the Simple Balanced System and went far back on my MT4 chart and noticed it takes away quite a few false signals. What i tried was; don't take call trades unless the MACD is crossing up or is above the other line, vice versa for the puts. I went back and trades you would have made without MACD you would have lost the MACD hasn't even crossed yet or is in the direction you want to go with the trade.

    Try it, watch how many false signals you'll see. This can improve this strategy in my opinion.

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    That’s great you find that it could improve the Simple Balanced System. I have to check it too! There is no room for doubts this additional filter will decrease the number of the false signals but have to be additionally tested for the changes in the profit factor (sum of all profits/ sum of all loses).

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