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    worldicon HI From Australia !!!

    Gotta say this site rocks and thnx for keeping it this way Kudos to the creators. And on my quest to gain more understanding on binary option i came across this site Nots sure if its legit ?Comments???

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    Hi, Tommy and welcome to Forum!

    As you probably already know there are many binary options signal providing services on the net. Almost no one of them as far as I know has proven track record of successful trading, so nobody could guarantee you that this one or other one is legit. I recommend you to learn the binary options trading basics by reading the articles in our School Section and learn step by step to trade by yourself following the expert commentaries of our expert traders here in the Forum. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions ask them freely. All we will be glad to help you start your trading journey.

    As an aditional hint I could say we are working now on New Section of the BOTS site, which will be dedicated for review on the signal services. There is a lot of work ahead before opening that section, but we want to do that research the best possible way and to give you as aditional help for new traders.

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    Thanx kolyo

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    Hello and welcome Tommy.
    How about ur previous experience in binary options?

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    None what so ever M.J, But hoping to get better at it .-

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    No strategy yet ..hmm what should charts should i be using for intra(15min)
    day trading ?

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    Welcome Tommy, I would suggest using a 15 minute chart but when you are ready to get into a trade I like to check it against a 5m, 30m and 1h charts.

    I would suggest looking at harmonics when trying to figure out a good trading strategy.

    Signal Coyote

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    Wow that looks gud eh !!! Thnx Signal Coyote -

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