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    OptionRally Live Discussion Forum !!!

    Click here to read or submit customer reviews about OptionRally

    This thread is dedicated for discussion on the OptionRally binary options broker. My chat and review on OptionRally could be found here. If you have any questions regarding my review you could also ask me here in this thread!

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    Useful information in these chat reviews, but as know they are only first impression on the given binary broker. It is needed deeper additional research to check is your first impression right or is it false. Thanks for sharing Kolyo!

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    Hi guys,

    Here we have a new Review by Bogdan on the OptionRally Education. Check it out!

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    accountmanager refuse me to redraw stay away from optionrally my money say pending after 4 days and they dont answer email and live support is a joke

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    Hi, guys , I'm not sure they are scam but I ensure one of their manager is liar.
    two month ago i joined in their affiliate system and brought them 5 depositors, three of them deposited 250$, one of them finished 1909$ turnover (these data are from the manager),and at the end of the month the manager asked me to print the commission application form, but paid me nothing.

    Stay away of optionrally ,there are many more choice.

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    When were they supposed to pay exactly?
    And are you getting your funds to a MoneyBooker or a bank account?
    This facts can play a role in how long a withdrawal takes.
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    I filled all the information on the application form, including bank account ,swift code and so on. according to their terms of service,they will send out the payment by the following 15th.

    I have waited more than 3 month. that's all.

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