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    Post Welcomes Binary Options Business !!!

    We invite all fellow traders/affiliates/signal providers to join our forum and take part of the different discussions. We welcome those who desire to contribute both to our Trading Community and to the Binary Options Industry in general. We believe that working together with all sides of the Binary Options Trading World, traders and other binary options business is the only way to ensure a safe trading environment for traders and to help the industry grow, BUT, there's no good without a little piece of wrong.

    Binary Options Business/Affiliates Rules for BOTS Forum

    1. Posting on Introducing Binary Options Business is only allowed after the user donates at least 6 posts on the Forum. Help us help you grow.

    2. All Business/affiliates/signal providers must state and declare their connection with their business. Make sure that the readers could understand clearly that the User is affiliated the binary business.

    3. Promoting a Broker is NOT allowed. But you are open to join the discussion regarding your affiliated broker or answers visitor's questions.

    4. Promoting a Binary Options Affiliate Website is only allowed on "Introduce Yourself" (No Links Allowed) and on "Introduce Your Binary Options Business"(Links Allowed).

    5. Promoting a Binary Options Signal Service Provider is only allowed on "Introduce Your Binary Options Business".

    Binary Options Business breaking those rules would be banned permanently and become X-listed on BOTS Forum and Main Site. Do NOT Test our patience. Thanks.

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    This is going to be a great forum! It is surely going to help the binary options community expand!

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