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    new to binary trading,from Ethiopia !!!

    Hi.My name is milikyas.I am from Ethiopia and I am also new to binary option trading.I have been reading some articles regarding binary option for the past one week and I got some insight about what it is all about.And I was thinking of multiplying my fund at my moneybookers(skill) account using binary trading.But I am confused to choose a platform after reading about those articles and reviews on binary option trading platforms and also about binary option signal providers(I am planning to have one signal provider because one I am new to this trading and two I have no time (and knowledge)to analyze those news and event ( because I am medical student,So I have to spent a lot of time in studying).So can anyone here help me choosing the best trading platform and the best signal provider?

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    Hi, Milikyas! Welcome to BOTS Forum!

    Binary option trading is never an easy task. Especially if you want to leave it on autopilot you will need a hard research and due diligence before selecting the best providers to work for you. has valuable resources of brokers reviews and comparison, so I recommend you to start your research here and you will find the best brokers very fast. After that it is up to you to find the best way of trading. I personally prefer to trade for myself.

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    Hi and Welcome!
    You are at the right place to start trading. This is the best forum outthere on binary options trading and if you read it and participate will help everything you need!

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    Hi, Lesterk, I thank you for your welcoming message.

    Do you mined if I ask you where you trade( I mean your trading platform)?And can I ask you from where I should start to trade binary options.I know that Binary option trading is a too risky.But I think one can minimize the risks and maximize profit using the appropriate trading strategy and with a good money management.So can you tell me your trading strategy and money management plan?And can you inform me the best signal provider that you heard of?

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    Hello and welcome to bots.
    Binary options is not about multiplying ur money but u have taken a good decision to join a good forum. By reading ur post, I understand that u r here as an investor and not as trader.

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    Yes I am here as an investor.

    Can I get a review about recommended binary option signal providers here on

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    I know that there will be very soon a new section on the BOTS web site dedicated on the signal services reviews and also there is a new forum room on that subject so I hope we will have soon some fresh information about that. I am also interested, besides my personal trading but don’t have found good providers yet. I trade with anyoption trading platform and could say I have no remarks, excellent service.

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    Hi albert,

    I hope someone here will let us know good signal providers soon.

    And have you heard of this binary option platform- claim that they will provide Free $ 100 to start trading with them.And then I wrote them the following email after I registered with there platform.

    "I have joined your trading platform yesterday.And I am want to start
    trade at your platform but I haven't received the promised
    free offer $ 100 yet.
    And also I want to know whether it is a virtual money(like a demo
    account at other trading platforms) or it is a real money.Can I
    withdraw the profit I Make (if I make using this $100) to my
    Skrill(moneybookers)account?Or how can I withdraw profits in general?"

    they answered me the following


    It can take 1-3 business days, please note that its up to the brokers to give you the free money not us, we can't do anything unfortunately. You can contact the brokers directly as we have no power when they credit accounts.

    To be honest with you these free money offers are build by brokers(not us) and are packed with cashout restrictions and requirements making it basically impossible to cashout. We currently have brokers that will let you deposit 100$ and we will refund you 100$ on your losses (via Moneybookers or Paypal). This way its risk-free for you and without all the cashout restrictions so if you make profits you can actually withdraw.

    If its something that interest you, you could get an account setup at this broker:

    EZBinary - (after register you might need to ask them to be able to deposited 100$)
    ZoomTrader -
    EmpireOption -

    Its important you use our link to register at brokers so you can be tracked to us and eligible for up to 100$ refund on your losses.

    Looking forward to hear from you!"

    So what do you think about it?Is there a review about this platform here at

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    Hallo Milikyas,

    Take a look at reviewed brokers here:

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    Hi Grae,

    nice link to trading platforms and also I have seen the binary option signals.Updown signal service is I think they have good track I correct?I am planing to subscribe to their service.

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