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    Newbie !!!

    Just started to assess what and how to 'gamble' in the binary options website. I aim to make thousands weekly after paper trading over several test pages. Can anyone tell me if there are any issues withdrawing cash from XPMarkets. I will be building up my cash profile over a couple of months before I withdraw some cash

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    BOTS is a place dedicated for safe trading. Take a look at its broker section and will see a lot of reviews and information helping for broker selection. I am trading with stockpair, couldn’t give you opinion for XPMarkets.

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    Welcome to BOTS kamponghilir! I am also recommending you before real trading to read carefully brokers review section, which is prepared exactly for that – finding the best broker for your needs. If you have any questions all of the fellow members of the forum will answer you with willingness!

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