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    Hello from Thailand !!!

    Hello Binary Traders. I had enough of my wife and working for a big American owned corporate property company in the UK, so I made a decision to change my life and move to Thailand. A few years later I have am living with my new family, in an extremely poor rural village, where rush hour is avoiding buffalo and cows being brought home from a day grazing in the rice fields. Up to now I have been living on my dwindling savings, taking time to explore all options regarding business. However, with the state of the pound, the time has now arrived when I really ought to do something about it and start earning some money. I am have no experience whatsoever with trading and I am taking time to learn as much as I can before "dipping my toe in the water". I stumbled across this excellent site trying to find reviews of I hope the forums can provide me with enough knowledge to enable me to start trading with confidence and look forward to talking with you guys.


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    Hello Daxter,

    Welcome to binaryoptionsthatsuck! There is nowhere such thing like easy money. The binary option trading doesn’t make difference. You could make a descent living out of it, but before that you will need a lot of time to practice, learn and not on the last place some money to invest. You have to learn by practicing demo trading, and then when you gained some confidence you could move to real account and trading with small bets. Only when you master your skills and you gain enough confidence you could make money out of it. It is great that you find this place. I think it will be greatly helps you in the beginning of your trading career if you have the patience to become a trader.

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    Thankyou pipshunter. Are you able to recommend a broker who can offer a practise demo service?

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    Most binary brokers, like stockpair, anyoption, ioption have demo but only after you deposit
    so it's important to choose a good broker before thinking of a demo trading, as the broker you select will be also your live trading broker latter. I traded with anyoption now, so it is a good choice, but you could look at the list of trusted brokers on BOTS site and also chose one of them. All they are analyzed and presented because of its top quality service!

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    Thanks again, pipshunter.

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    Good to see that you are willing to start with a demo account, most traders get over excited and start placing huge bets right away. This is why pretty much every trader (myself included) loses an entire trading account when things are getting started.

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    Daxter, you've come to the right place. This forum and site definitely changed my life as it gave me an avenue to make extra money. Have patience and you will see BOTS making a transformation in your life and your earnings from trading.

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    Welcome Daxter. Absorb all you can.

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    Thank you everyone. I am off to BOTS School to be educated.

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    A bit (or may be little more than a bit) late in saying welcome.
    Your introduction is really interesting and many questions arise but they will then lead to some personal discussion which is not suitable on this forum. So leaving my mind in a state of curiosity, I have to say one thing that u r living wonderful life (far away from polluted life).
    Lets move on to binary options discussion. It is a good decision to learn before u dream to earn in this risky world otherwise all dreams will collapse. Btw how much time r u planning to give to trading?

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