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    Hello from Vienna !!!

    Hi Guys,
    I am Chris from Vienna. I started using Traderush some weeks ago because they promised me to provider proper support and daily trading signals. Haha, was a good joke. I hardly got signals from the lady and in case she gave me some proposals I mostly lost .... what a surprise. Anyway, now I'd like to improve my trading differently.
    I was seeking for a platform about binary options broker reviews and found this forum.
    Cheers, Chris

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    Hi, Chris!

    Welcome to! You are at the right place for the goal you have! You will find a lot of reviews and information regarding the binary industry and all the brokers out there. We dedicate our efforts to give a honest and fair evaluation of the binary brokers and have a lot of reviews and shared experience here. If you follow our guidelines you will find what you are searching for surely! If you have any specific questions I am inviting you to participate in all the forum discussions!

    BOTS team

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    Hello Chris and welcome here!
    That’s great you found our binary options trading community! Most of us started this way and had some unpleasant experience with one or another broker. The best thing about BOTS is that it is place where you could find very detailed reviews and respectable reputation scale of most of the binary brokers, so you could easily find the best one!

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    Hi Kolyo,
    thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I will screen the forum and in case anything left open I will ask for support. I appreciate a community like Thanks!
    Cheers, Chris

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    Hi Marvel,
    thanks for your message. it is good being part of a community.

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    Hey Chris,

    This is the premier forum for discussing binary options. You will find a wealth of information here and on the site:

    We provide everything from weekly trading tips to market events to watch out for to strategies. There is also a binary options school and several articles on the different aspects of binary options trading:

    Welcome aboard!


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    Hi Chris and welcome to our community!

    I am Lee from Hong Kong. Trading for a living from some time and from three months till now I am trading especially binaries. If you have any questions I will be glad to help you!

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    Welcome, Chris! I am sure you will like very much www(dot)thatsucks(dot)com community!

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