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    Hi Everybody !!!

    I am a Grandfather of 63 and live in Germany, and I was looking for a way to earn a little extra money. So I came to binary options during the last year and gathered a lot of good, and not so good, experience.

    Yes, I did a thorough study of forex, market and trader psychology, money management and trading strategies after my first approach of making easy money failed thankfully soon with not t6o big a loss.
    Meanwhile I am really successful on my favorite platform that's rather different from the general binary options markets.

    Well, I think I can share some good advice on this forum and keep on learning as well.

    Great to have a forum like this! Thank you for providing it.

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    Thank you for your opinion! We are proud to see positive feedback from the BOTS community members! We will be grateful if you participate actively in the forum and share your valuable experience with us. Our community is very friendly and open to traders from all over the world! Feel free to participate in all the discussions here. I hope you will enjoy your stay in BOTS.

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    Welcome BOTS. You are clearly at a more advanced stage than me, so I look forward to reading about your experiences. What is your favourite trading platform?

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    Great to have you here AainoMalso. You've definitely come to the right place for discussing binary options. BOTS changed my life!!

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