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    Hot Newbie Feelings after the First Read of the BOTS Glossary !!!

    Hello guys,

    We have an excellent and very funny review on our Glossary presented through the eyes of a total newbie trader. The author is of course Bogdan G, our fellow trader and binary options writer. Check it out and see what the Asset or Cables could mean! Meantime have fun with the great Bogdan style!

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    Haha, great article Bogdan! You have a real talent for writing! So funny article I haven't read for long time The best phrase from this review was that about the 'green sassy lady and her AssETs'

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    . Bogdan ............... There is no "thumbs up" type thing in emoticons section so please fill in this blank with any "thumbs up" icon u like. Article is funny but everything written is true . How can a beginner, just entering trading world, know about technical terms and usually trading article writers try to write as many technical words as they can. Well, "blah-blah articles" r good for those who have knowledge about market but an article for a beginner should be easy to understand.

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