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    Hot Top 10 Trading Movies All Time !!!

    Hello, traders!

    I found a list with the best trading movies of all times. I think this list is very good and every one interested in trading should see at least some of the movies. I watched several days ago the film ‘Rogue Trader’ (1999) on a real story about a trader who broke the oldest investment bank it Great Britain Baring Banks in 1995. I like it very much as it represent something absolutely real! Also I have watched in the past some other movies like Margin Call (2011), Wall Street I & II (1987 & 2010) all great movies! I think most of us trade not only for the money but also for the joy of trading itself, so we could spend some hour watching films

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    Great list! Thank you Kolyo! I also watched Wall Street II and Margin Call. I have to say they are great movies but I want more on this and will watch some others from the list. I also like the Wall Street Warriors documentary series and Millionaire Traders both available on YouTube.

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    Nice sharing. If u like to watch a documentary, Inside Job would be a really good choice. I have not seen any other so far but definitely I will watch them.

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    Hello guys!

    Check this film – Floored: Into the Pit, an Epic Traders Movie! Step into the pit of the Chicago mercantile exchange with the full length movie Floored. In 1997 something about 10 thousands of traders worked into the floor. Now everything goes electronic and only about 10% or 1000 traders remain working there. It will change forever your feeling and understanding of trading business after watching this movie

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    Yes, Margin and Wall Street are both great movies

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    To be honest, I just realized that there are trading movies too. I’ve been so much into books about trading that I forgot that someone could have made a movie about it too. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see some of them

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    Sweet, I love movies, I love trading. Wall Street is still my fave......Greed is good....its a motivator! Plus the change from when hostile takeovers were illegal to now, when it is called a leveraged buyout and is totally how things have changed.

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    The only movie with 'trading' in the title I know, is 'Trading Places' with Eddy Murphy

    Has not much to do with trading and is an old movie, but I liked it

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    SeasaltMcFish, I agree with you! This is one of the cutest movies about trading that I have ever seen!

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    Boiler Room, Wolf of Wall Street. Good ones.

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