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    FOMC rate announcement and meeting !!!

    FED did not change its rate from the 0-0.25% as it was expected and the trading was mixed some upside momentum in risk actives and than back strength in US dollar. Dow index made a new high at 14545 but after that initial reaction fell again in 14515 areas. The only pair with good momentum was USD/JPY which rise with about 50 pips and also crude oil which rise with about 1$. The volatility is decreasing again as we are approaching end of the US trading session.

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    We are facing a new trading session for the US markets in green. Actually we have only one session in red in the last 14 trading sessions! I think soon it will end, especially if FED changes its money printing policy to some kind of more restrictive one. The US real economy is really improving very fast but actually this kind of fast market capitalization grow is unsustainable!

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