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    Pinbar Detector Indicator for Binary Options !!!

    Hi guys,

    Bogdan has again great article on the Pinbar Detector Indicator – a practical tool that will help you find all the Pinbars in your trading charts. Check it out and find how to use it in your daily trading activity!

    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    A medium level trader can find some value in this indicator by using it as a confirmation tool if he or she isn’t sure about whether a candle is a Pin bar or not. Not all pin bars look the same and extra confirmation is always welcomed so if the medium level trader thinks he or she found a Pin bar, and the indicator agrees, chances are higher for that candle to be a Pin bar. The indicator has some settings that might make it more accurate and the guys at actually recommend us to adjust them. That’s a good thing but they are too complicated and instead of figuring out those settings, it would be better to take the time to learn how to visually identify a Pin bar.

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    I would like to test this indicator. Thank you Bogdan for your detailed instruction how to use it!

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