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    Hi Binary Options That Suck! !!!

    Hi to all the team!

    just signed into forum.. real newbie in trading so help is welcomed... btw- the registresion process is slightly complicated. it might prevent some people from completing this form.


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    Hello andrew, welcome to bots forum.
    For newbies, it is tough to decide between different trading types. Especially when it comes to forex vs binary options. So how did u enter in this trading world and what r ur objectives?

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    Hi andrew12! Welcome to BOTS. We are happy to see you here. The registration is really a bit complicated but that is prevention for the spam bots and spammers which are everywhere and this helps to keep the forum clean. If you have any questions regarding binary trading or any problems just ask here in the forum. There are a lot of traders which will help you whenever it is needed!

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