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    Hi people peter from Kenya !!!

    Being trading binary since end of last year, want to get into a group that trades the London time.

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    Hello Pgachungi. Welcome to bots forum.
    What about ur results so far?

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    Welcome to BOTS, Pgachungi! A lot of members of our forum trade London session, as it is the most liquid and also with the biggest movement of all sessions. I also like to trade London time so you will find a lot of colleagues here, some of them with great experience from many years trading!

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    I have a 60% winning rate and would like to up it to 80%. I have gone through most courses and am looking for a group that can we can be discussing online to see how different strategies are working at real time.

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    Hi pgachunghi and welcome to BOTS! You really found the best place in the net for binary trading. We are community from beginners to the most experienced traders who share their views and trading ideas every day. We will like very much if you participate actively in our trading discussions!

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    Thx Kolyo, i will go to groups thread and join one, but you can recommend one that have pros.

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    Hi, pgachungi! We have many threads where our PROS Bogdan, Michael and Richard participate regularly. The hottest topics are in the Daily Trading Tips Room, where we have everyday updates on the market situation and also in Weekly and Monthly Trading Tips, where every Monday evening we have commentaries and fresh trading tips from the PROS! Check them out and you will find a lot of valuable information!

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    I'm getting a feel of all on offer then i will be posting.

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