Poll: Which Binary Options Asset Class U Trade The Most?

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    Which Binary Options Asset Class U Trade The Most? !!!

    I like all but mostly its the Commodities i trade...

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    Senior Member raymond09's Avatar
    There are a few major world currencies and many minor currencies. These assets are traded as pairs, one currency as a function of another. This is possible because all currencies are free of underlying restraints such as being pegged to gold. Since all currencies trade freely on the open foreign exchange (Forex) markets, their value to all other currencies is always fluctuating. In the Forex markets, minor currencies are also traded with the major currencies. In binary trading, only the major currencies are traded vis-à-vis each other.

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    Senior Member linda_fx's Avatar
    I prefer trading stocks and stocks indexes options mostly. Rarely some commodities too.

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    Talking about favorites, hard to choose,
    I simply like all of it,
    but for trading, I think I like stocks better although its slower than others.

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