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    The Relaxing Thread !!!

    We all know how stressful trading can get sometimes. So I thought to myself: let's have a little fun while doing least in the evening or whenever we get a little time.
    I opened this thread for funny, trading related stuff...anything you think about that can put a smile on the faces of other fellow traders. Post youtube videos, jokes, pictures, stories or anything you find appropriate for this type of thread

    All the best

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    ...and the second one, lol:

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    haha Thanks Bogdan! I also needed such funny stuff after this pressured Monday full with crazy trading and crazy news It is a great time to relax a bit before Tuesday comes here!

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    Monday was crazy indeed. Did u catch any of the move?

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    ha ha that's so cool. We are regular traders and we really need to be relaxed for every time. binary trading really creates lots of pressure on ours mind. When I was newbie i found myself i got scared of losing my money every time when the trend gone against me. But now I know to us proper money managements system. Happy Trading.

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    Kind of joke I see in your post crimson69, your avatar is also funny I hope you are not losing money with joy now as compared to scare at the begining haha
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