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Thread: Demo Accounts

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    Demo Accounts !!!

    Hi all. I am new here and new to binary options.

    I have no idea if this is for me but wanted to just check it all out and see what its all about.

    I opened an account at one of your recommended brokers 24option but they then tell me that I can't have a demo account unless I deposit money first.

    I will not give anyone my hard earned money without first being able to try them out first. I think that's only fair. You don't (or shouldn't) buy a car without taking it for a demo drive first.

    Anyway when they told me that in live chat I asked them to terminate my account immediately (which I'm sure they will do).

    The question is, do any of the brokers offer a free demo account without having to deposit any money whatsoever?

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    Yes. offers a free 5000 units demo account. You can even recharge it as many times as you like. The minimum stake is 1 unit. They only downturn is the relatively small number of assets they offer.

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    Thanks newmoldo. I actually heard back from 24option and they have offered me 3 days of a practice account (until the end of the week) without me needing to deposit any money.

    One thing the guy mentioned was that their practice account uses the actual prices of the underlying assets whereas other brokers don't use the actual prices. He says that you therefore win on the other platforms giving you a false sense of your trading ability.

    Does anyone know about this? Does marketsworld do this?

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    Demo trading is one of the most important things you can do when preparing for a new type of trading. There are around many broker who gives us demo trading facilities. In that case I would like to say about Banc De Binary broker. Here you will get $50,000 to trade with in a demo account after you set up a micro-trading account, which has a minimum $500 deposit.

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    Sedda, here's a video explaining the price spreads at various brokers and platforms.

    As a side note, I recommend watching that guy's videos. He has tons of information for newbies; just browse his profile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raymond09 View Post
    Here you will get $50,000 to trade with in a demo account after you set up a micro-trading account, which has a minimum $500 deposit.
    *lol* $500 isn't micro to me *lol*

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    Thanks for the replies. I will check out his video newmoldo.

    I've got to say though that this is pure gambling. At the moment I can't see how there can be a winning strategy with these up or down scenarios. I think it just comes down to luck. My problem is that I'm not lucky when it comes to money.

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    Hi guys!

    We're Launching CommuniTraders Very Soon. If Demo is what you're seeking, CT would surely help you.

    Please find more details on CommuniTraders here.

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    Demo trading is beneficial to learn trading for newbies. Beginners should trading with help of demo account and learn.

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    Area there any other FREE demo accounts (i.e. no deposits) out there that have the 60 second options? I tried marketsworld that newmoldo suggested but that does not have that time frame.

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