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    Lightbulb My First Contribution !!!

    Hi All

    I am new to Binary Options (less than a month) so I am here to learn as well as contribute. Having traded OTC Forex for some time without success I turned to BOT as a last effort to generate additional income.

    With that said, if you can go Slow (not many trades) and Long (3 hours) and use the Meta Trader platform than this system might be for you. I have only tested on EurUsd and UsdChf pairs but the signals seem to be good for this pair on back test and will be trading it myself to verify.

    Time Frame: 1hr
    Indicator: QQE (freely downloaded from internet)
    Smoothing: 58

    On the cross from Below you take a Call and set expiry for 3 hours
    On the cross from Above you take a Put and set expiry for 3 hours

    On backtest for March (so far) the results are:
    EurUsd: 12 trades with 9 Wins and 3 Loses (75.00% / 25.00%)
    UsdChf: 14 trades with 10 Wins and 4 Loses (71.43% / 28.57%)

    Look forward to any feedback (positive or negative) as I am here to learn and share.


    Bot Fan

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    Hi, Bot Fan! I like your willingness to succeed and if it is strong enough there is no way to not succeed. The system you explained looks promising! However 12-14 trades are not enough for a general conclusion on that subject. If I understood well your trades are 3 hours options, with QQE indicator on one hour chart.

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    Interesting idea! I will try to find this QQE strategy on the net and will test it to check what are its capacities!

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    You are correct. Once the cross is confirmed you would use an option builder and set expiry for three (3) hours.

    @ Albert,
    The actual strategy/indicator for the Forex OTC can be found here:
    I have adapted it to find a good Binary Signal. As stated they are few and far between but successful for the most part when they come.

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    Thank you Bot Fan for that interesting ideas. I hope you will share more of them with us latter!

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    Very interesting strategy Bot Fan! You’ll need more backtesting in order to see if you could make it profitable. A good way to test it is also in forward conditions in real time on multiple currencies! I wish you good luck and if you have new results please share them with us!

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    Thx for sharing it with us.
    I have found a couple of other links for this indicator to get info about it. It looks like, default and recommended level is 50. It uses smoothed RSI to generate signals and signals r purely based on, as u said, crosses. No doubt that u have tested it but I still have doubts over its signal system. It is generating "3-hour signal" on "one hour" timeframe. It seems interesting and new concept. Backtest results r really good.

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