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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone! !!!

    I'm Milos from Serbia. I am a new member here. I have two years of experience in forex trading. Binary options are something quite new for me. Here is a great opportunity to learn a lot and gain new practical skills and experience. Binary options are a real challenge for me. I like to use mathematics and the real challenge is to guess the price in the future in a time continuum trend line.

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    Hi, Milos! Welcome to bots forum and Community! It is great you have some experience with forex trading. It will help you a lot in binary options, but they have also some quite unique specifics, which you have to learn. I am sure you will like very much your participation here and will contribute with your posts in a positive way!

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    Thank you in advance.I hope that we have here a very interesting topic of binary options.

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    Hello milos and welcome to our Trading Community! Enjoy your participation and take all the interesting stuff, ask questions and you’ll see how fast your skills and knowledge in binary options trading will grow up!

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