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    Is Binary Options legit? !!!

    Has anyone here tried binary options? I just wanted to know if this is legit. I have searching google finding conflicting stories about withdraw problems. any
    one have any personal experience with any binary options trading account.

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    Hi, raymond! Binary Options are legit of course. They are still not regulated in most cases but there is a process of regulation that will bring them regulations very similar to those we see in forex trading. Meantime it is better to select only trusted brokers for your trading operations as the risk with other brokers still exist.

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    Obviously Binary Option is a legit business cause I have been trading Binary Option after a long time with Banc de Binary broker. In my trading experience I did not get any negative effect of this business. But it is true that now a days most of the broker play tricks on their customer. That's why always try to choose a reliable broker before involving real market.

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