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    Talking Short term (5-15 min) binary options with CCI+stochastics+MA / RSI+MA !!!

    So I've been trading pretty successfully with my current strategy (~65%), but last night I discovered it can be scaled to a 5-15 minute timeframe and work even better. At that level the bigger market trends are less important so I can trade off of a one minute chart exclusively. When the CCI+stochastics is either in overbaught or oversold territory and I see the CCI cross the MA strongly, I can pretty much assume the stochastics will follow within a minute. If this happens, then I look at my RSI+MA to verify the reversal. As long as the recent historical movement has shown a strong wave pattern, I take the option. This has given me about 75-80% success after 20 trades so far, but I need a few more days to confirm it is actually a quality strategy and I'm not just falling prey to an uber winning streak.

    Here's what to look for:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Interesting strategy, spioderbyte87! I will be very curious to see will you be able to have such a great wining percentage when you have more trades. Keep updating on this thread!

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    just did an 1.5 hours of trading over my lunch break.. 8/10 trades successful.. Seems to be working well still.. I forgot to mention that the MA on the CCI+stochastics needs to be overbought/oversold as well. So far I've been finding about 10-12 of these an hour.

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    Hi spider
    How do you verify the reversal using RSI+MA? I also trade using OB/OS but I dont know what to say about the settings u use. How did u choose them? 20 trades is far to few if you want to be serious about a strategy and just like u said, it needs a few more days (try backtesting, dont waste money). Also, could you please add more pictures so we can get a good grasp of the exact entry point? Cool, thanks

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    All I look for with the RSI+MA is to see that the RSI line is moving in the same direction as the CCI+Stochastics+MA. I guess there really isn't a way to "verify" a reversal, but it is a little extra peace of mind that I'm doing the right thing. To get the settings I just played around with it for awhile until I saw a pattern that lined up with reversals, so I'm not sure I can explain the logic behind the actual numbers (not that experienced yet I guess). After I get done trading today I'll try to put something together that explains my process a little better.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok so the attached picture should give a good idea of what I look for in a trade.. it is continuing to work at about 75-80% success rate as a write this, and two of my $50 trades just expired strongly ITM. There is some finesse required to pull this off, but so far it looks like a strong strategy. The only other thing I like to watch out for is the economic calendar. I have "news updater" which is a free program that pulls the calendar and warns you when significant economic events are near. I tend to stay away from trading news because it has proven unreliable for me in the past.
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    OK I'm finished trading for today.. best profit since I started with binaries: $421 in 5 1/2 hours. Most of it was on $25 trades. I placed $50 when everything lined up perfectly (maybe once an hour). One thing I learned is that the D% line needs to be firmly OB/OS with a curve that indicates it has bottomed out or it becomes a complete toss up. Again I'm going to continue cautiously with this, but so far so good.

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    All of my losses thus far have been due to improper timeline management. Even though I can consistently catch a reversal at its peak/trough, I still have to make sure my expiry is appropriate for the situation so I don't run into another higher high or lower low. To do this, I look at the recent historical "wave pattern" that has formed through oscillation. I look at the time between highs and lows, and make that my target expiry. I ONLY take a trade when the pair is OB/OS, and ONLY take a trade when the peak/trough has been solidly established and the price is heading the other direction.

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    That’s good idea. It is always difficult to catch the exact reversal point so, better to have second confirmation signal for better chances to expire your options in the money!

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    Generally, I only use 1 or 2 indicators and sometimes I dont use any at all. Indicators are more important for short term trades when fundamental analysis is not part of your strategy.

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