The euro has this week started to decline against the U.S. dollar. After the crisis in Cyprus is facing a new crisis in the euro zone this time in Portugal. The Constitutional Court of Portugal has blocked a plan to reduce monthly salaries for workers in the civil service and pensions. Finance Minister Pedro Passos Coelho of Portugal said that the ministers give instructions necessary for further spending cuts in operating costs in order to compensate for the decision of the Constitutional Court. Portugal court decision remains a deficit of 1.4 billion in expected revenues. Coelho has suggested reducing the cost of health care and education instead of previously planned reduction in wages. Portugal's goal is to reduce the budget deficit to 5.5% of GDP in 2013, 4.0% in 2014 and fall to 3.0% below the EU limit in 2015.In Europe is experiencing a crisis of public debt, and the reason is excessive public spending.