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    Hot One Comment Worth’s a 1000 Dollars: How to Prevent Binary Options Scams on Forums !!!

    Information is all around us. The private individual might drawn in this swamp of knowldege, unless we all take care of ourselves by sharing our own experience with others. The thing is many people just don't do it right, and the information stays stacked somwhere. This great article by Bogdan tries to explain how to make a good and clear comment in order to protact ourselves from binary options scam.

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    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    A good and helpful comment is very important but needs to be presented the right way to the community. Just being condescending and wanting to show everybody how smart you are will eventually determine people to stop paying attention to your opinions. Overly complicated comments will have almost the same fate because if your idea is not transmitted in an easy to understand manner, nobody will read it after a while. It is very important to offer our opinion and give feedbacks on a Forum because that’s why we feel the need to join one in the first place: to hear different opinions and make ours heard, but we need do it in a clear and organized way so that everybody gets it. Happy posting!

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    Haha Great article Bogdan! You really have a talent to write such funny stories, always interesting and with some wise ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvel View Post
    Haha Great article Bogdan! You really have a talent to write such funny stories, always interesting and with some wise ideas
    Thanks man, I really appreciate it

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    Our community is pretty nice. We don’t have such personalities like the mentioned in the Bogdan’s article trasher haha , but we have a lot of wannabe traders and a lot of yappers, but most of the active participants are really great traders, and even some of them are pros! I always enjoy reading the new comments on the market and now with CommuniTrader platform it will become even more interesting that it was previously with a lot of trades in real time our community will become a real diamond in the binary world!

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    We have so many different personalities, but most important is that these personalities that are most abundant are really conscious and willing to learn traders and that is the great advantage of our community!

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    As i said in my intro, the honest reviews I found on this site definately prevented me from (a)blowing my account in the first week (b) being scammed. I am very greatful.

    As for me, for now I lurk while I learn..(students shouldn't talk in class hehe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan G View Post
    Thanks man, I really appreciate it
    It is safe with you around, Bogdan

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    Quote Originally Posted by willyw View Post
    It is safe with you around, Bogdan
    Hehe, cheers

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    Haha Yea Bogdan is our helping angel and knowledgeable friend! We all appreciate his words and valuable comments

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    Good and clear commenting is very important for the successful operation of the forum and also very important in order to deliver real value to all other participants. So we have to state clear rules of etiquette or let’s say good way of presenting thoughts that will help us to explain better and improve the quality of the forum posts.

    I will start here with few simple ideas. Firstly every one of us can clearly distinguish his asking posts from his idea generating posts. For example if I want to ask something I will ask, if I want to say something that I know or had discovered or want to share something I will say it in a clear and well explained form in a different post. This way there will be no confusion between asking and answering. Second important thing can be to place quotes with the post on which you are answering, thus helping to keep clear the thread and allowing multiple discussions at the same time and on the same thread.

    We can imagine other rules for the better organization of our forum. These are just few of the possible ones. So the discussion is open and new additions from you are welcomed!

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