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    Hello to alll... !!!

    Just decided to join this Community of like-minded people. I have been trading since 2008 when an associate of mine (from an entirely different field) introduced me to the FOREX marketplace.

    It has taken me a long time to learn enough about binary and pairs trading to consider myself possessing the basic knowledge and understanding required to be successful.
    Anyone who finds this kind of higher-risk/higher-return trading fun (and hopefully profitable), I feel compelled to befriend. I have always been fascinated with investing. Certainly this includes long term Retirement stuff like 401k,s and IRA's, but Binary Trading has the special appeal of short term real and spendable returns.

    I probably will not post very often. I am, in all likelihood, the slowest typist on the planet. In point of fact, this is the longest bit of typing I have done in quite some time.

    Having said that, I will try to be an active contributor and not one of those creepy people who are always logged-on and never post! If I am browsing a thread which I think I could add to or learn from by posting, look for short, pithy comments rather than longer, blog style posts!

    Thanks for reading, and let's all remain "in the money."

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    Hello, heraldo59! Welcome to our like-minded Binary Options Trading Community! Where are you from? It is great we have not only newbie traders here, but also people with more years of experience like you. We will appreciate very much your contribution and I hope you will also enjoy your time with BOTS site and CommuniTraders platform

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    Hi heraldo59! Welcome to our Community! I am very satisfied to meet so many traders here, some of them with greater experience than mine. I am sure you have a lot to tell us about your journey as a trader. Binary Options are really a great way to trade faster and safer than ever before. It is only necessary to do it the right way with all the necessary cautious and proper money management and you will have a tremendous reward!

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    Hello, Heraldo! You are probably from the USA as you speak of 401k :
    How long did it take you to get profitable? A lot of traders here are newbie and want to learn to trader as fast as possible, but it probably get a lot of patience and several years of experience till it become successful!?

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