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    harold2711 Hello from a beginner,who knows nothing about B.O. !!!

    Hello to everybody out there! Anybody out there know where to start? I have run into so much crap info overload, I don't know where to start learning the ways of binary options.

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    Hello harold2711,

    Welcome to our binary options trading community! The best way to start in trading is to check our BinaryOptionsThatSuck School Section. There are a lot of beginner’s articles and also articles explaining the specificity of binary options trading. You should read all of them and then ask whatever you feel you are not familiar with here. We have many experienced traders here regularly participating in the discussions and many of them will help you with willingness!

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    Hi, Harold! Where are you from? You will be surprised how quickly you will become familiar with the basic binary options terminology and from there you will continue to improve your skills steadily and fast. I was in your level several months ago, and now I have already the experience to feel like at least an intermediary level binary options trader. If you are persistent you will also achieve that level in few months from now.

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    Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to wonder if human beings really did this, or if this was some sort of scam. I have been looking at B.O. for a few months , but have been overwhelmed by the info on the web. I'll get started ASAP!

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    Hi! thanks for the reply. I am starting on the school section for now, and see what happens.

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    Welcome Harold! There are a lot of scams out there, but Binary Option is really a great trading vehicle, which if you are patient and prepared to learn will give you incredible results. I already started to see first results of my hard way learning and I am very happy that they appeared so quickly. BOTS School is great place to start with then you will have a lot of questions to ask and that will be the beginning of your trading journey! I wish you great success.

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