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    Exclamation Goals for the Trades - How to Participate in this Room !!!

    Trades posted here will be based on fundamental analysis to gauge direction, either bullish or bearish. Technical analysis is then used to identify specific entry levels and triggers. Trading is not for the thin-skinned, so feel free to comment, criticize, agree or disagree with any ideas posted here.

    Be specific, don’t simply say you think something is right or wrong - explain why you think an idea is right or wrong. Charts are usually helpful with this (should be included with any technical analysis mention). Feel free to ask questions about the recommendations and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Let's get started...

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    Trading based on the fundamentals is the best way to have a huge edge in the market. The only way to make your trades extremely successful! I know that Richard has great experience with the economic analyzes and technical trading so I hope we will see here many valuable trading ideas. Thank Richard for starting this thread!

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