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    I need help.Please answer me! !!!

    So far I have had 51% success rate and 37 trades winning trades the strategy Put on gold.Is this a sufficient indication that the future I can be decided only on the this strategy? Thank you in advance.

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    Hi milos,

    If your strategy involves only Put trades on Gold and it was tested only in the current market conditions with strong bearish market for gold it is obvious why you achieve some profitable trades. Actually 51% is not enough for trading with most of the binary options brokers. You have to be at least in 55% of the trades’ winner to have a profitable streak. I am sure that if your strategy is doing only 51% now, it will be doing much worse if the Gold turns again bullish. That’s why I think your strategy sucks and it will be bad decision to rely on it. The best way you could improve it is to test on history data in different market conditions and see what could be changed in order to achieve better wining percentage, also it will be better to not stick only to Put options but to diversify with equal amount of calls.

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    Hello milos. I might have misunderstood the post but u may be asking if you can rely on ur current strategy or not. right?

    Well, by looking at current success rate and no. of total trades, it can be assumed that u r heading in right direction. But my assumption may prove wrong in future so u will get a better idea once u have more data.

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    you cannot simply assume your future rate of success based on today's.... although 51% success rate is not bad, but still improvement in it could make ur chances of future success bright... even if u have 70% success rate now, it may not be assuemd that u will ALWAYS be successful in future, its not a hard-and-fast rule.... markets sometimes favor and sometiems dodge too.... analysis are the focus on that... success will be knocking ur door.

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    Thank you for advice...But once I can read the trendline there is no mistake more in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milos View Post
    So far I have had 51% success rate and 37 trades winning trades the strategy Put on gold.Is this a sufficient indication that the future I can be decided only on the this strategy? Thank you in advance.
    Milos, your success rate is good but only for the current trend. Like Kolyo has pointed that if gold turn bullish your success will not be the same. Do finalize your success rate too early. You must try your trading strategy under all market conditions before you be sure it is a successful strategy. As for the current trend your strtegy works finr but if it turns bullish it might not be the same or when it is trading sideways. Even if in major trend but prices does not moves in a single direction, eg, prices whipsawing in a bullish or bearish market; you will have different results.

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    What is the strategy Milos? I never saw details of your strategy. If your "strategy" is to simply buy puts on have no chance to win consistently in the long run.

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    This strategy is good for use when there is no large market turbulence.This strategy is never used when The Stocks of Exchange in London and New York overlap.For this strategy is important factor is the time.Trading in 60 second requires a very accurate prediction of price movements in the trend.This strategy can be applied in a growing(bulish trend).During the trading when price movement is a growing trend in one time line and the range always comes to saturation and then it only shortly descreased in half an hour.During trading in 60 seconds I am watching CT and MACD and PSI on MT4 at the same time.As experienced traders like to say:"You can have a luck one or two months, but not during the whole year.Binary options is a great knowledge." Maybe I solve the problem currently. But sometimes it is the answer to the question so close.
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    You are absolutely right milos, if your strategy is good and reliable in different market conditions it will produce good results not only for one or two months but for the whole year. So only good and long term testing will give you the confidence that your method is working well and you could trust on it with bigger capital.

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