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    Introducing !!!


    my name is Harri
    im from Malaysia
    im just joining this forum yesterday because of communityTraders. lol. but i have been observing this forum since 6 month ago.

    i like this web because of the name. unique.
    im a forex trader since 2008 but no more.

    now i am a binary option trader
    using broker that has been recommended by this web. ANYOPTION. top broker now i guess.

    now im using signal from tradeperday
    im lazy to analyse the market that the reason

    i would like to post that signal from there to here because i think it would benefit this web user. can i do that ?
    i find it simple, only trade on new york market open, one trade per day, and good accuracy.
    maybe for the beginning i'll just post and you observe. but the trade just with simple comment.

    if i can please tell me. i would like to participate.

    and sorry for my bad english. hehe


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    Hi Harri,

    We are also pleased to see you in our forum. Welcome and feel like in your home here. You will find a lot of friends and I am sure you will contribute in a positive way with your trading experience. About the signals – our rules allow promotions only on the Introduce your Business Room, but for now I will allow you to present these signals in the Trading with the PROS Room for Daily Tips, where you could start your own thread. If in the long run we see your signals are doing well we will agree to allow you a signature. So feel free to start your participation in our forum!

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    Welcome to BOTS Harry! It is absolutely the greatest place in the whole binary trading universe and you will realize it very soon

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    Hi Harri. I get a signal from the same guys as you (no longer everyday) but their success rate is appalling. Having followed (not traded) many signal providers, I have come to the conclusion that they are working for the brokers and it is far better to learn to trade for yourself. Anyway welcome aboard.

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