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    What is the difference between Futures and options? !!!

    Futures and options are two different things and futures trading really has nothing to do with options trading. Futures and options serve different needs in the capital market and will forever be important elements on their own in every well diversified portfolio. Even though futures and options are two different things, even since the invention of options on futures, that is, options with futures as their underlying asset, this distinction has been greatly blurred and made it all the more confusing for beginners to futures and options trading. So what do think about Futures and options? Please let me know

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    Binary option trading offers a fixed amount for the return of your investment while trading the options in the stock market is a lot different. The pricing or the amount of return will vary depending on the value the assets was closed in one specific time. The value may fluctuate or depreciate not unlike the binary options whether you choose the option to inflate and fluctuate you will have the fixed amount of return as long as you traded your assets correctly.

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