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    USD/JPY Downtrend? !!!

    Looking to see if it breaks the support of 99.354. It's toying with it. We'll see.

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    Also looking for confirmation of a possible downtrend in AUD/JPY.

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    USD JPY wud remain bearish as long as it does not make a sustainable move above 98.36....

    currently it is at 97.55 which is just above its daily pivot point... if it breaks 97.88 then it wud go till 98.22 where selling may be seen again, and as for the downward side, if it breaks daily pivot point of 97.44 then it may go down to test 97.10 which is its next support...

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    Yes sometimes it happens. You have to look forward some indicators for getting better results. It is not so easy but in this world there is no difficult things that human cannot do that. For profit in binary market we have to work very hard.

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    It is not bearish at all and the current strong move after the better than expected NFP show that it is headed toward 100 and nothing could stop it for now. you are on the wrong side of the trade.

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    The USD/JPY is definately not bearish. there were some potential bearish short term trades for daily or shorter expirtions but the long term trend is definitely up. Today was a strong move up from the short term moving average, 30 bar, and a strong sign of short term bullish sentiment. If/when the pair breaks the 100 level the next major resistance will begin at 110 but will become stronger at 120.

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