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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all !!!


    I introduce myself, I began with binary options 4 months ago and I have made profits, but it depends. I think I have so much to learn and that's reason i'm here.

    Hope see you arround


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    Hello vmstrader, welcome to bots forum.
    You r lucky to be in profit just within 4 months of starting binary options. What is ur trading style?

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    Hello vmstrader,

    You will learn a lot here, that is for sure. Four months is not enough time to master trading, but if you already have some profits that’s a great start. I hope you will continue with your wining streak in the future and at the same time you will find a lot of friends and a lot of interesting facts in our CommuniTraders forum!

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    Thank you both!

    @M.J. I use to trade 15-30 time expiry, and I'm looking to trade 1h too, I think it could be good to try.

    I use Economic calendar too to place the trades, there are some trades that are easy to win. I mean, for example today at 14.30 (Paris time) with the EUR/USD after the news (and GBP/USD too ).

    I don't know, I'm trying to develop my own system with all the necessary items: Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, Economic Calendar, and 5 Currencies maximum (I prefer forex, it's easier for me), so I could study them better.

    @Kolyo: Thanks! I will try to master this type of trading...I think that if we all help each other, we could make a winner system (or more than one) to binary options. It's really good to be here.

    See U arround!


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