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    Hot Rainbow Madness Strategy Review !!!

    Hi guys, Bogdan is ready with new great article – this time on the Rainbow Madness Strategy for Binary Options. Check it out and you will see the beauty of this great trend following strategy.

    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    The Conclusion

    This is a pure trend following strategy and it is known this type of strategy has a high success rate. It is not exactly what I would trade, but some traders (especially beginners) will find it great for trend recognition. The original strategy can be found at and if you follow the link, you will see there’s also a second, more complex version of the strategy but I consider it would just overcomplicate things and confusion would set in…if it didn’t already (hope not). So thanks to the guys who coded the indicators and good luck if you need it.

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    what is EMA please? what type of moving average?

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    I'll save you the Google search... EMA = Exponential Moving Average

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronerown View Post
    what is EMA please? what type of moving average?
    Its Exponential Moving Average. its just the same as Simple Moving Average but the trend line at the finishing point bends much more than the simple moving average..

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