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    Hot Binary Options Industry News: Regulation is Needed !!!

    Hi guys,

    We have fresh new article on the latest developments in the Binary Options Industry.
    If you read it you will find what is going on with the regulation progress of the two of the major and top binary brokers – 24Option and StockPair, what is the new situation in Italy regarding the latest claims by their financial regulator Consob to block large number of binary options brokers from appearing in Italy and finally the great news that Japanese financial regulator JFSA is in the final stages of creating its rules for binary options trading regulation. Check it out and find what is going on in the binary industry now!

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    It is great news that JFSA is preparing its regulation rules for binary industry. If they make them, they will be among the first in the world with clear frame how to deal with such regulations. They are also the major regulator in Asia and could attract many binary brokers in Japan which will be good for the whole industry. I think CySec will finally approve the regulation requests by the two major binary brokers and it will also be a historic event. Unfortunately Italy is going in a wrong direction, but I think later they will realize that it is not the right way to prevent trading! The right way is to regulate it.

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    Great news that JFCA will start a regulation process! If this happen there could start immediate burst in binary options trading growth and increase in popularity in the entire Asia. I already see some increase in popularity here in Hong Kong.

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