Hello everyone , i'm from israel and i'm happy that i found this website and forum .. it's active unlike a lot of binary options forums!
i had already very bad experience with tradersleader and first binary option service ... they took my money! at first they were very nice because i'm a new customer , but right after i asked for withdrawal , they didn't answer me , ignored me and i never saw my money , couldn't withdrawal it and never got it.
i'm now looking for reliable broker , that i can trust , i don't care about the bonus because i'm not going to take any bonuses (i have to invest a lot of money before i can withdrawal the money because of the bonus --- not worth it!!) and i don't care about the percentage of benefit .. i prefer 60% with option to withdrawal my money and realy get it instead of 90% but i'll never be able to withdrawal the money and never see it again.
i'm looking for a reliable and good broker that i can trust in and allows israeli customers -- that i will be able to withdrawal my money!
and i have another question , is the communitraders of the site (the first time that i see feature like that . awesome idea) is reliable? can i trust it and go with their recommends?
thank a lot!