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    What is indicator to entry point !!!

    Why I often make mistake in entry point, what is the best indicator to know when to entry

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    There r hundreds of them but none of them will tell u "best" entry point but may help u in deciding a better entry point.

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    Hi sahamoption,

    There is no magic indicator to make a killing entry into your positions. You should use a combination of indicators like EMA, MACD, RSI and gut feeling, which you could develop only after extensive observations in the market and many months of trading. This is not something that could be taught in few posts. If you are beginner you should start with demo account and test on it many indicators and combination of indicators till you achieve some positive return with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahamoption View Post
    Why I often make mistake in entry point, what is the best indicator to know when to entry
    You should try out different indicators/strategies using the demo account to find what is the best indicator(s) that suits your trading style. There is no best indicators. You have to do it by trial and error and made adjustment accordingly to achieve the desire results. This will take time and you have to be patience.

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    Hi sahamoption,

    As said by others, there is no "holy grail" indicator. And if there is, if everyone has access to it, then it will quickly become completely unusable and completely false. Try out strategies that you can find over the internet. Try and see what works with you, since the only strategy that will really work with you is your own one.
    Good luck on your journey,


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    good entery points for inter day or swing trading could be --> 200 EMA on hourly and four hourly chart.... the price moving above that line would be a buy signal and below it could be a sell signal....

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    Binary options, digital options or all or nothing options are a relatively new type of investment instrument which is available for traders from mid-2008. Also known as fixed return options (ORF), have gained increasing popularity due to the relative simplicity of its operation, even for those traders with little or no previous experience in the market. These options are classified as exotic options, since although its operation is simple, the calculations behind the pricing are complex.

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    There are several indicators in binary
    Bollinger bands: These are commonly used indicators that work over a wide range of binary options when they are combined along with an overbought or oversold indicator.
    Stochastics oscillator: These indicators can be used when an overbought or oversold indicator combines with Bollinger band for a wide range of options. Ideally used when the assets involved in range bound.
    many more

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    The economic indicators have an immense impact on the price of assets, stock, commodities and currencies. In trading markets and binary options trading, the economic indicators have a very important role to play in the form of data collection for the traders so that they can determine the future price of the underlying asset. Any sort of changes in the economic condition of the country effect the overall condition of the trading world.

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