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    Hot New Tips by Richard – EUR/CHF, WU Weekly and Monthly Expiry 06/05-13/05/13 !!!

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    Originaly presented by Richard Cox.

    The S&P closed at new all-time highs on Friday, breaking above the closely watched 1600 level for the first time. The week’s final bull wave was inspired by the positive surprise in the monthly Non Farm Payrolls report out of the US, which shows that the country added 165,000 new jobs for the month of April. The report was positive for a few different reasons. The same report last month was especially weak (at 88,000 jobs for March), so the April figures is leading some investors to argue that the poor numbers seen previously were simply a one-off and not indicative of a larger trend. More important, however, was the fact that other economic reports were giving early indications that the final numbers on Friday would show continued weakness.

    1. The EUR/CHF has seen declines in recent sessions before making a bounce off of 1.22 and making another run higher. This area now marks support (resistance turned support) and should contain prices at least on first test. Central bank policy from the SNB remains supportive of weakness in the CHF, so any declines should be viewed as buying opportunities. I will be looking to enter into weekly CALLS in the EUR/CHF at 1.2250, expecting a run back up to at least 1.2350.

    2. For stock trades, I will look to play off of last week’s better earnings stories, which was seen with Western Union (WU). First quarter earnings came in at 0.37 per share (against expectations of 0.32) and with its high dividend yield and excellent P/E ratio (9.4), the stock looks to have more upside. From a technical perspective, the stock has filled its trading gap to 15.40, so this area should act as support going forward. Enter into one month CALLS in WU at 15.40, as long term resistance is not seen until the 18 area, making risk to reward highly favorable of the bullish stance.

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    EUR/CHF found strong support at 1.22 and makes already good bounce higher. If we see again levels as low as 1.2250 it will be perfect to enter Calls, which is highly probable trade! Western Union is also another great example of trade idea. The company is undervaluated with current P/E of only 9.4 and good dividend yield and if the broader market continue up WU will also have strong move higher.

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    EUR/CHF is one of the very low volatility pairs and it will be hard to see big movements here. The price is approaching now the 1.2250 level and could happen tomorrow. If so your call will be activated.

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