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    When is entry point trading binary option !!!

    I want to know when is the right time the entry point
    early, in middle or 15 minute to expired or any other signal ?

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    Hi sahamoption, It depends on the time frame you selected for your analyzes. If you use short time frame indicators you will win mostly with shorter option expirations like 15 min or one hour, if you analyze on four hour and daily charts it will be better to trade only daily and weekly options. Everything depends on your preferences. I hope this will help you!

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    I trade with 1 hour time frame, so when the best time to buy at the beginning or at the end. thanks

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    Hi Sahamoption,

    It really depends on the way you look at the charts. The most important is not getting in at the middle, or the beginning of the candle. I find the most important is getting in with the best entry, and choosing the timeframe that goes with your personality. If you find that you see a good entry, but that this entry and prediction will not last longer than 5 minutes, then chose the option that corresponds the most with that timeframe. I hope I helped a bit


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