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    Exclamation Intraday Trading - The Team !!!

    On Your Marks, Get Set, Trade!

    This is where the action happens, the main stage, the prime arena. Trading from all around the world has gathered here for one reason only, TRADE.
    In this room you'll find Trading Tips, Signals, Briefings, Analysis or any other random word that describes one action - TRADE.

    Learn, Follow, Discuss, Share, Ask, Talk, Laugh or Blow of some steam, talk about trading all day.

    What can I find here?

    Major Currencies (Forex), Stocks, Indices and Commodities. Our PROS would be updating these threads daily, providing analysis and tips or just answering your questions.

    Newbies: Feel free to follow the expert trader, but always remember - there is no perfect trader. We all make mistakes. Your part is to learn and make your trading plans happen.

    Advanced/Expert Traders: We don't just ask you to join the discussion - we URGE you to do so. Your opinion means a lot to us.

    Im happy to introduce's memebers the team behind the keyboards, aka our PROS:

    Richard "The Shark" Cox - Only for the Brave. Are you ready to Swim with Sharks? Visit Richard's Room Here.

    Michael "The Geek" Hodges - The Brain behind the Weekly Top 5 Trading Tips. Visit the Geek's Weekly/Monthly Tips Here.

    Bogdan G - No Need to Introduce, a True Gem, Strategies/Tools Expert.

    Vinayak -

    Hi guys, I'm Vinayak. I'm a Forex and Binary Options Trader.

    I extensively cover large-cap tech stocks such as Google (GOOG), (AMZN), Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT). I also trade major commodities (oil, silver, gold) frequently.

    I closely watch Bloomberg/Reuters for financial news and I can help you with updates.

    Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm always here.

    M.J. -

    Hello everyone, I am M.J. I have extensive experience of trading binary options and forex.

    I have my eyes on Eur/usd, usd/jpy and gbp/usd. I analyze past events and then, using technical and fundamental factors, I try to predict future moves. Sometimes I use simple trend lines to analyze direction and sometimes, when trendlines do not give any clear sign, I use different technical indicators alongwith fundamental factors to predict future moves.

    I welcome questions, comments and suggestions.

    Willy -

    Milos -

    I come from Serbia, a country in southeast Europe. I am an economist and trader of stocks. My personal mission is to develop myself in the area of binary options trading. I focus on the news in order to enhance my success. I follow the financial news daily in order to use it along with my trading skills. BOTS is a good place for me because I like to write about my trading experiences and how new events affect trading. Since working for BOTS I have developed a few strategies of my own. One of my personal goals is to create a good strategy that is reliable and easy to use. I also want to continue work with BOTS to further discover and develop my personal potential.

    Haryadi -

    I am just little trader in front of a big market, trying to make some profits and make use of trading as a platform to achieve my life goals. I have traded for almost 9 years. I analyze using supply and demand levels formed by the market combined with fundamental analysis. I trade stocks, forex, and recently added binary option as one of my tools for speculating within my portfolio.

    Ammad -

    Swing/Position trader for the past 4 years with a close eye on undervalued and overvalued stocks, currencies and CFDs. Also started doing Binary Options in 2012. Past performances/fundamentals/analyst ratings along with upcoming events play a major role in my trading strategy.

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    You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep us updated!

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    Thanks Martin, glad to be here!

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    Thanks Martin

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    Thank you Martin!

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