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    Who gets the euro bailout fund !!!

    After the disappointing result of the economic climate in Germany has failed to fulfill the expectation of the euro fell against the dollar by reducing the earlier gains.Five euro zone countries will get the loans,funded by 12 other members of the monetary union.Furthermore there are emergency loans from the International Monetary Fund and bilateral loans from the countries that are in the black from those countries that are in the red.Germany guarantees 27% of loans, France 20% and Italy 18%. Who really gets how to save their banks and balance the state budget?
    Cyprus € 23 billion
    The first three of nine billions euros from the European Stability Mechanism(ESM) to Nicosia is coming this month.Cyprus gets another billion from International Monetary Fund in Washington,paid by all EU members.Another six to ten billions Cyprus to collect expropriation savers have more than 100000 euros in certain banks. Russia has been reduced interest rate to Cyprus on loans.Overall, Cyprus needs 23 billion euros.
    Greece: at least €350 billion.
    The European Union,individual countries and the International Monetary Fund promised to Greece 240 billions euros.Greece has so far received 116 billions.Greece received bilateral loans in total 53 billions euro.The International Monetary Fund paid 20 billions euros.From the private creditors Greece has raised 107 billions euros.The current rescue program up to end in 2014.Greece will be able to pay herself -only 2020.
    Ireland: € 85 billion
    85 billion euros needed to clean up the former Celtic Tiger its banking sector, Ireland is 17.5 billion passed itself (state assets and pension funds). The remaining 67.5 billion comes from Community funds of all EU Member States (22.5 billion), the EMS fund to rescue the euro zone from the 17 members states(12.8 billions euros) from the International Monetary Fund.and loans from the United Kingdom (3.8 billion). Ireland has not taken all the means at his disposal for EMS is still almost 5 billion.
    Portugal € 78 billions
    Portugal should be the smallest assistance from the international community.When approved 78 billion euros the distribution of per capita is about 70000 euro per Portuguese.In Greece debt is about 30000 euro per capita.Portugal has been used more than 26 billions euro.
    Spain €100 billion for banks
    Spain needs 100 billions euros for banking sector.The money goes directly to the banks.There is no money in state budget.Spain has no saving policy like other countries Cyprus,Greece,Ireland and Portugal.Until now Spain is receiving about 41 billions euros.
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    Cyprus and Greece need it the most..Spain comes third.

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    In addition,the agreement between the euro zone core European Central Bank(ECB) and the periphery members, which is includes saving and reform in return for financial assistance is slowly falling apart, as the euro zone periphery tired of saving and countries such as Germany and Netherlands are tired of providing financial aid packages.It is clearly visible in the recent election in Italy,large street protests In Spain,Portugal and the rescue Greek banks,which caused a public outrage.The entire periphery of the populist left and right parties are gaining strength.On the other hand,the insistence of Germany to impose a bank loan loses is the nlatest symptom of fatigue of rescue in the countries that are the core of the euro zone.Other euro zone members,willing to limit to risk their taxpayers ,have indicated that the rescue package by the lenders the right path for the future.

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