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    Hot Greetings Binary Options Traders, Market Watchers And Armchair Economists !!!

    First I want to thank everyone who participates in the weekly/monthly signals and financial forecasts room. There are dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of ways to take signals and trade the financial markets. This thread is meant to explore the practical application of those signals through tips, weekly briefings and forecasts. Undoubtedly these things will raise questions, comments and hopefully discussions that better the binary options trading community. I am here to make sure that any questions asked by you, our loyal Communitraders and BOTSdotCOM fans, or comments are properly responded to in a timely fashion. If ever you have a question about one of my tips, or need help understanding someone else's tips don't hesitate to ask me directly. Economic data and financial forecasts are one of the biggest drivers of the economy. I highly recommend that you start keeping track of economic conditions if you are not already. Each week we will update our top five market moving events for that week as well as provide you with actionable trading tips.

    I look forward to watching the markets with you all....


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    The stock market is traded on the data, information and events.During the day the available data on the movement of commodity prices,crude oil,gold and foreign exchange rate. For each currency there are strong and weak factors. Strong factors that is influenced positively or negatively on the currency index of retail price,balance of payment,employment,GDP,the index of industrial production,inflation rate,consumer price index and decision of central governor the interest rate.They are BOE,ECB,FED,BOJ,RBA.It is included Central bank of Canada and Swiss National Bank.The USD factor have influenced on the dollar relative to other currencies ,speaks governor of Federal Reserve and the U.S. president Barack Obama.The UK retail price index has a major impacts on the growth or decline the GBP. CAD is strongly depends on the price of oil. AUD depends of the natural resources of mineral and ores and the report of balance of payment of China because China is the biggest trading partner of Australia.EUR depends of the economic situation in the euro zone.Any news from Greece,Spain,Portugal and Italy has the big shocks that adversely affect the exchange rate.India is the largest buyer of gold in the world and it has big impact on the price of gold.The price of oil often is influenced by events in Persian Gulf.It is important reports of Crude oil inventories.

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    all very true points Milos and the starts of many great discussions here on the forum.

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    Michael you have just started excellent topic to discuss.I hope so many will join here.I would like to hear what they think about it.

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    Thank you too Michael for your regular updates and participation of the discussions. It is very helpful when you could discuss the market in real time with other traders. It helps a lot to prove your ideas or to find them wrong in time before entering the trade. I hope CommuniTraders will also help us to share our trades in almost real time and to help each other to make better and more informed decisions.

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    so far this room has been really awesome. We have ongoing discussions on the usd/jpy (abenomics/kuroda-nomics), gold, German politics and many others. Thanks everyone for all your participation!

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