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    How much money do you have spend until you get profit trading binary option !!!

    I want to know for newbie, how much money do you have spend until get profit on trading binary option and what your strategy to win trading binary option

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    Quote Originally Posted by sahamoption View Post
    I want to know for newbie, how much money do you have spend until get profit on trading binary option and what your strategy to win trading binary option

    All of us lose some money at the beginning of our trading career. The most important is to minimize these inevitable losses. If we start our real trading with very restrictive and defensive money management we could minimize those to as low as few hundred dollars. I will say fairly that my initial loses, before I started to make some consistent profits were about a thousand $. I started with demo trading for 6 months, in which I doubled my initial investment (demo) and than moved to real account. I traded with a 10k account and my loses were limited to 1% per trade i.e 100$. My initial trading was interfered with the emotions of the real money and I didn’t do as well as I did in my demo account. I have something about 45% wining trades which steadily improved and switched to 60% wining trades. This takes me about 4 months and drawdown of about 10% or 1000$ than in few months I recouped all this loses and now have more than 50% profits. So, sahamoption I am advising you to be prepared for a long run before you improve your skills and results, meanwhile use very restrictive money management and learn to trade with bigger amount of money as it is difficult to emotionally adapt at first.

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    Great you can recouped all loses, I want to know what the indicator you used and the secrets that you have got to win trading binary option

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    Trading binary options is a high risk/high reward means of making money online and should only be undertaken by those that are serious about putting forth the time and energy into creating a trading system designed to swing the odds of profitability away from the house and towards your account. The highlighted keys to successful binary options trading should lie at the core of your trading system. Implement these ideas into your trading activities and you will be well on your way to creating a sustainable source of secondary (and possibly primary) income for you and your family.

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    I didn’t spend much because I was smart enough to not trade with real money at the beginning and not only at the beginning but even after several consecutive wining months on my demo account. I started real trading after I was totally convinced that it will work for me, and started with very low risk per trade and than gradually increase it to the optimal level.

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    I spent $100 but now I am a successful trader in binary market. I thought I could never be a good trader when I lost $100. But I did not give up. I kept continue. And now I making around 3-6% profit daily. I researched on internet many times to be a good trader.

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