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    Hot Top 5 Market Moves of the Week - 05/27-31/13 !!!

    Check the Bogdan's Top Five Мarket Мoves of the Week and find the most important market events for this week!

    Originaly posted by Bogdan G.

    United States CB Consumer Confidence

    05/28/2013 – Tuesday at 2:00 pm GMT

    The Speech of BoJ Governor Kuroda

    05/29/2013 – Wednesday at 00:00 am GMT

    German Preliminary Consumer Price Index

    05/29/2013 – Wednesday at 12:00 pm GMT

    Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision

    05/29/2013 – Wednesday at 2:00 pm GMT

    US Preliminary Gross Domestic Product
    05/30/2013 – Thursday at 12:30 pm GMT

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    US Consumer Confidence released at 14:00 GMT was the main driver of the US dollar strength. It came at 76. 20, which is better than previous one 69.00 and better than the consensus expectations, which were for 71. This drove the EUR/USD pair down by 70 pips in half an hour. There was no other major event today and the market is calm now.

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    thats a good sign and certainly helped boost the indexes. The afternoon fall and this mornings negative spin on futures trading is a little worrisome...we still need a correction, its been to long, complacency in the market could be a breeding ground for bearishness

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