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    Could someone (with experience) please explain this...? !!!

    Link to strategy in question:

    Could someone please explain how this strategy they have here (5 point decimal) differs from a typical Martingale? They have posted a 1 hr continuous video of trading the strategy and it appears to be successful. Has anyone tried this out to see if it actually works? I need someone with experience to answer this question please. There are also other multiple video listed around the site that use the same strategy showing success. I'm just curious on how this is different from a martingale strategy. Thanks!

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    stay away stay far away from this strategy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hodges View Post
    stay away stay far away from this strategy.
    What makes you say this? Have you tried it?

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    What they are showing on their website could be very different from what they are actually achieving. If there are no provable and testable rules for entries this could not be proved any way is it profitable or not, unless you risk your own money on it. I am also not sure what exactly is shown on this page. It looks more like traderush affiliate site than a signal service provider. Am I right?

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    Where's the martingale part here??? According to this video you can only win. so no need for martingale. now the reason you win the trade is the most stupidest reason i've ever seen - a chart shows that 57% are favoring a call means ABSOLUTELY nothing. NADA.

    Sorry but i think this website must be removed from the web. completely. there are dozens of more similar websites. Stay Away!

    My advice - learn some real strategies, practice and profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psmith39 View Post
    What makes you say this? Have you tried it?
    Well, you dont have to actually hit ur head on a concrete wall to know it will hurt! You wanted an answer from somebody with experience so Michel took the time to answer you. If you need further information and opinions about this kind of trading, look for the related articles on our website. There are at least 3. If u need assistance in finding them, please let me know.

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    Thanks a lot for all of the answers! They have been very helpful!

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