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    Facebook, Waze reportedly call off acquisition deal !!!

    With FB being accused of promoting violence against Women and also their acquisition of Waze called off, i would expect the already declining asset to go below the 20.0 level mark in a's my trade on the asset...

    More on its broken acquisition deal of Waze can be found here..

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    good call, I mean put. Facebook just isn't living up to all the hype, have they figured out how to make more money yet?

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    Facebook will be really a good Put in the coming weeks. It lose ground underfeeds very fast. The Mark Zuckerberg guys still don’t have clear vision how they will monetize their traffic. Also the last unsuccessful deal with Waze, Israeli based mobile GPS application company show that the Facebook team is not able to attract other companies successfully. It is still single application company; most other big internet companies like Google, Microsoft are diversifying heavily their assets

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    yeah, and I think google+ is doing what facebook wanted to do better.....

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