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    Hot Binary Options Trading Time Frames – What To Do and What to Use !!!

    Hi guys,

    A new and very insightful Article on the Time frames is ready for you. You will find there very well explained information about how to choose different time frames to trade and different expiry times for your options!

    Originally posted by Adam Grunwerg.

    Put Time On Your Side

    Right from the start I can tell you that, Binary Options are not complicated and there’s no doubt about that: choose the expiry time, investment amount, predict a direction, and place the trade. The mechanics are pretty simple, but each choice raises questions. What can make the difference between a win or a loss is the expiry time, but choosing the right one can sometimes be the most difficult part. Let me explain: if the trader has recognized a down trend on a certain asset and places a Put, chances are the trade will be successful.

    Hitting the Nail on the Head

    Binary Options traders need to be very accurate with their entries because unlike Forex traders, we also have time working against us. The perfect trade can turn into a loser if we forget to take into account this very important factor. Choosing the right expiry time requires practice and attention to detail but it can be a very powerful ally because it can also turn a losing trade into a winner. If you learn to use it, your Binary Options trading will truly become simple and easy.

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    Great article explaining why we have to be careful with selecting the best time frame for our trades! Choosing the best expiry time is very important and could save us a lot of money in our trading. For example if our trading idea is wrong short time, it could be right on the long run. Thus selecting bigger expiry time we greatly improve our chances to succeed. Opposite if our analysis is very short lived and only at the beginning is proved to be right, than selecting shorter expirations will be the best choice.

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    Best time frame is the time frame which is appropriate for the analysis we made. If we are short term traders we are going to make some short term trades, if we are looking at the markets from more long term perspective we will trade on daily or weekly timeframe. The selection depends solely on our preferences and style we have, but the strategy we will use will largely depend on the time frame we select. Not all strategies work the same way on different time frames. We have to very carefully select our strategy in order to be consistent with the time frame we will use in our trading.

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