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    Fibonacci Trading Strategy !!!

    Hi, My name is Marc I am professional binary options trader, with 5+ Years experience. I had started as a Forex Trader and then switched to binary options trading. I had reasonable success trading Binary Options.

    I am sharing my binary options trading strategy based on Fibonacci and other trading material for free.

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    Trading with Fibonacci ratios is often incorporated into the trading plans of many commodity traders to some degree. Carolyn Boroden, who is dubbed the “Fibonacci Queen”, trades almost exclusively with the use of Fibonacci numbers, ratios and time series.

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    It seems good

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    Trading is one of those things that is simple and yet hard to do
    ... it is made hard to do because it is simple
    ... and the more complicated it is made then the more impossible it is to do.

    IMO the 'simplicity' of trading lies in getting to the bottom of understanding
    what makes prices move .... everything is based upon the auction process,
    because without it there would be no market .... it is pure and that is where
    it's simplicity lies....
    when there are no more counter parties at a price level, then price moves to the next level.

    If a Trader thinks that they understand this process, then they are doomed.
    Only when they know that they know how price moves then can they move on to making money consistently.

    Now let us move on to Fibs ... firstly the midpoint (50%) of the last price wave is important.
    This does not mean that price will always hesitate at this point ... but it often does.
    ... too often to ignore in fact.
    We all seem to understand that 50% is not a fibbo, but it seems to crop up in every fibbo thread ... I find this curious and disturbing.

    We all seem to understand that price waves are not a precise science ... so imagine what happens when price approaches 50% and shudders under the impact of the Asks and the Bids as Traders fight out the next move ..... will price continue .. or will it turn thus ending this price wave.

    Traders give this battle the title of 'consolidation' and define it by an upper and a lower point (the points turn into lines if the battle continues for a few bars or more.)

    The upper and lower lines/points will be a few tics either side of the 50% line
    and can easily be around the 40% and 60% mark of the previous price wave ...
    in fact you could call them 62 and 38% ... or why not call them 61.8 and 38.2%
    after all this is not a precise science.......

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